February 14, 2019 NAV = $17.81 Last Trade: $16.2, 52 Week Range: $14.01 - $17.25
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Investment Strategies
Ravensource Fund's employs the following investment strategies to generate investment returns for its unitholders:
  1. Alternative Credit: investing in private placements, rescue financings, high yield debt, convertible bonds, and other debt-like instruments that produce a sustainable high level of income for their underlying credit risk.

  2. Distressed Securities: investing in corporate debt, creditor claims and/or equity securities of companies, which are in, or perceived to be in financial distress which may involve a formal court-supervised insolvency procedure, at a value different from what the Manager believes to be the underlying fundamental value of the securities.

  3. Special Situations Equities: investing primarily in Canadian and U.S. small- and mid-cap equities that the manager has identified as attractively valued with catalysts that will unlock value.